Sunday, November 19, 2017

Remembering Paris 2017

The Paris airshow had so many MOU's 737-10's ordered and now the year is closing to its end. The chart below has been updated as best  as possible from the information provided by Boeing's order book postings. The remaining MOU's should be closed off by year's end and here are a list of Paris orders not yet firmed . There remains about 85 aircraft in MOU status from the Paris Airshow for an estimated list value for about $10 billion US. The key to this is the number and value of aircraft which could be added to Boeing's purchase haul for 2017. Today an order for from Avolon was firmed for 75 Max which numbers 55 Max 8's and 20 Max 10's. The order/MOU originated from the Paris Airshow last June and now $11 billion has been added to Boeing's books which will be recorded at a future date by Boeing.

Remaining MOU's from Paris Airshow 2017