Saturday, October 7, 2017

The US3 and The World Too

The US3 aka United, American and Delta Airlines are firmly entrenched in a winner takes all battle with other world airlines. The Middle East, or aka: Qatar, Emirates and Etihad Airlines are the usual suspects in this foray of political intrigue, are confronted by the US3. A worthy moniker must be identified for the Middle Eastern concerns, hence the label, ME3. It's a battle between US and ME. Damn the "Open Skies" and full steam ahead. 

"US has a big stake in the invasion coming from ME !", as it filters through the aviation lobby in Washington DC. 

As a passenger, I only look at a competitive features concerning price, location-location-location, and comfort. It almost sounds like a real estate promo. ME is squatting on US real estate as it expands using its oil based wealth when buying Boeing Aircraft. Boeing is a US corporation and it too has a lobby in congress. 

However, ME3 (not too but three), comes all the way to the Everett, Washington's Boeing delivery center celebrating a 747-8F delivery, and dances in the face of the US3, and what's wrong with that? 

The US just took in a half a billion in US dollars coming from ME3 sourced from oil/gasoline sold to the US.  ME3 took delivery of its 747-8F and displayed a 777-300-ER doing test flights while parking its 777-200 next to the 747-8F. 

It was a display of what ME3 can do for US too. ME3 is not the color brown as it is more of a desert sand color slipping through US's fingers.

The US3 must embrace competition and fair trade. It must make clear what its complaint is rather than issuing generalities which no one can get its arms around. Rather than saying the ME3 is squatting on US3 property, it must make a succinct case first before sounding off. 

WE2 (World Entities of Passengers and Airlines) cannot understand what the problem has become and any generalities clouds the issues entirely. The history of US3 fair trade must be made so WE2 can understand what is fair and what is not fair after ME3 lands in Miami, FL. We don't even understand what the often quoted term "Open Sky" treaty actually represents.