Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Jet Airways of India Inks 75 Max 737's

It may have been a well known deal in the making or maybe it wasn't, but Jet Airways did sign in on the 737 Max for 75 units as a firm order. What is further a big get for Boeing is another 75 possibilities are on option from Jet Airways. The Boeing single aisle is taking over the Airbus single aisle bookings for 2017. 

When Airbus closes its order year it will have to have some big late year A-320 NEO orders to even hold the Boeing surge off. It is becoming increasingly difficult for Airbus to wall off a Boeing single aisle order surge since its backlog is so very large and its rate of production currently has slowed down for the A-320 family of aircraft.

Boeing can now add 75 single aisle units to its order book, which was standing at 398 gross units at the end of September. Back in April 2013 and then in March 2014, Jet Airways had ordered 75 Max Jets with 50 and 25 respective unit orders. It was announce this last June 2017 that Jet Airways was in the market for up to 100 narrow bodied aircraft. However, about 100 days later comes the news that Jet Airways just firmed up another 75 Max 737's, This recent disclosure would make Boeing's single aisle order book bounce upward towards 490 gross single aisle orders during YTD October 2017. Airbus at the end of September had booked a gross of 263 of its single aisle aircraft. Without having any Airbus order data an assumption is made, Boeing has about a 227 gross order lead over Airbus for the single aisle type at this time.

If this order relationship remains constant until the end of the year, Boeing will have significantly reduce the Single Aisle order lead Airbus currently holds.