Friday, October 27, 2017

So Far Boeing Nets 47 Orders In October

Boeing just booked 30 737 Max and 10 777's from an unidentified customer. The month of October  in a pre Dubai Airshow position had a robust order month. In all there were 5-787's, 30-737-8's and 10-777's. The icing on the cake were two more C-40 Clippers totaling 47 aircraft. Additionally, there was a transfer of orders from 16 737-8  NG's to 16 737 Max 8's. The dollar value of orders list price totals $8.5 billion. 

The price value adjustment relates to 16 737 NG 8's converted to 16 Max 8's. The net value change is $.23 Billion. This calculation is in the fifth column going right. A monthly recap only indicates the active purchase results for October and no purchase projections can be assumed or inferred.

However, it is an assumption when the month prior to the Dubai Airshow where Boeing has such a robust order book; it should expect a solid order book for November and  expect more orders during December when Boeing wraps-up its many order intents (LOI/MOU) as it can.