Friday, September 29, 2017

If Boeing Bought Bombardier Then...

This whole Boeing fiasco with Bombardier C-series getting 1.5 Billion in front money from its Canadian government really, really, irks Boeing. Boeing is going for some kind of Pyrrhic Victory-kill shot. In some strange circumstance the audacity for having Mr. Toadian mania exists. (Sarcasm font) "Boeing doesn't really want to sell Canada or UK military its vast military product line when it slams an Irish wing plant supporting Bombardier's  C-series. Boeing doesn't care if another 20 F/A 18's are not sold to the Canadian military." 

It wants its pound of flesh through US tariffs attached to every Delta C-series delivered. The US government is happy when it receives hundreds of millions from Bombardier/Delta tariff money assessed.

Below: Boeing legal team jumps at Bombardier's airspace.

Image result for Pyrrhic Victory

The tariff idea is effective but not efficient as the DoD spends billions more on each of Lockheed's F-35 contracting batches and additionally on its F-35 R&D upgrades or flawed concept corrections.

Boeing loves it when a plan comes together with its "B" team. The cheering from its legal department is deafening or is it screaming we hear as the Boeing wolves find bottom after reaching terminal velocity when biffing up its leap towards Bombardier C-series.  AKA,  "going off the edge".

Forbes values Bombardier at 3.6 billion US or the equivalent of  about 24 Boeing 787's at list price. Just buy 51% of Bombardier then let it sell all the regional aircraft, locomotives and ATV's into infinity that it wants to. Boeing would sell more F/A 18's, Chinooks and "other Military industrial complex stuff to Canada, Ireland and Great Britain as it helps Bombardier grow in Canada. Also invite Canada to supplement more funds to Bombardier/Boeing types of projects going forward, so it will rapidly turn the situation into the proverbial win/win tactic of big business.

But Boeing is playing small business instead because its pissed and it doesn't matter what others think.