Monday, September 25, 2017

CDB Leasing Says "Book'm Dano" Boeing's Momentum Order Update(MOU)

CDB Leasing, a Chinese airplane leasing company just signed for 60 Boeing Aircraft for about $8.2
Billion at list price.

  • 42 Max 8's
  • 10 Max 10's
  • 8 787-9's

The sixty ordered closes off a long negotiation period since the Paris Airshow June 2017. CDB signed its MOU/intent with Boeing at the Airshow. Boeing has not posted this transaction to its order book until its weekly updates are posted. A firming of a MOU is a final step such as the Turkish Airline deal for 40 787-9's were is at the MOU stage and the MOU deal would not be booked until that MOU/intent was finalized with Boeing. There remains a doubtful Malaysia Air intent announced at the While House last week for purchasing 8 787-9's, but it will become finalized in due time. Boeing is building up a back-log of 787 MOU's, for which some or all could be finalized by year's end and then could be reflected by customer name at its discretion.