Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Airbus Will Hail Mary Its A-380 In China

The A-380 needs customers stat! China needs expanded transportation hubs stat! Airbus would like China having the A-380 as a solution going from city to city with 500 passengers a trip. China has its population emerging into a economic surge where air travel is a partial solution for moving about the region. Trains, planes and automobiles are the eventual winners for the honor of people moving in China. The A-380 hasn't sold to anyone for some time and Airbus will give some away pretty soon to keep its production lines open until profitable sales are found.

There is a dichotomy of travel pairs in China. Single aisle connecting large villages of a million or more and duo aisle connecting large towns for million or more. The A-380 can do people, but it can't do regional airports while China is currently building in abundance for its emerging economy. Airbus insists China will need the A-380 in numbers until Airbus turns a jumbo profit on its A-380. The A-380 would be used for intercontinental travel. Future travel pairs will run into the same trouble the A-380 currently faces. There are only so many world-wide airports for the A-380. A population of 500 Chinese travelers may board the A-380 in Shanghai, but were would it fly?

The mid body duo aisle configured aircraft can go as far as the A-380 but land pretty much anywhere in the globe, though it will carry a load from 250-300 passengers. The single aisle can virtually island hop around the Pacific ocean and can land anywhere in China. 

There are also small villages in China of 100,000 people or more and the 737 will keep those airports in mind. There are multiples of multi-million peopled cities in China and the mid wide bodies are on the case. Where would the A-380 land if it left China? Where would it land in China having A-380 capable airports? 

It obviously can find 500 enough wealthy Chinese for buying tickets and filling an A-380 everyday going somewhere. The pride thing does wonders on a government's mind set. China will buy a handful of A-380's because they can.

The emotional limit will soon be reached for China's want for super big/jumbo aircraft. The transportation plan will come down to having more flights going everywhere everyday rather than having more Super Jumbos going once everywhere everyday. That objective should make it clear for everybody.

Time will play the A-380 out of vogue and onto the desert for a parts bin.

The plan will eventually evolve into a competitive nature. The best wide body operating in the environs of China will win. The best wide body is defined as what gives China the best deal for its economy. That is why both Airbus and Boeing want to build plants in China. The new norm is not importing into China but building foreign product in China for export. The win- win combination is a technological opportunity and a work force opportunity for the Chinese people and nation. China would like to learn how it too can build high tech aircraft for its many reasons.

Chrysler in America almost had Mercedes working with them when creating a better 300 touring car, then it left America allowing a Fiat take-over. In the aviation world there are no scenarios like the Chrysler mishaps with Mercedes and China hopes to land a major air framer long enough in order to build its aviation portfolio. Both Airbus and Boeing know this as well, but the carrot of selling wide bodies and single aisle is too much a temptation for mega makers to ignore. They hope to get in and out before China takes what it wants for stocking its own techno shelf just as Chrysler did with Mercedes. The 300 was one fine car.