Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Is A Boeing 797 The New MOM ??

The news is broken from comments made during a recent air exposition in San Diego, California this week. Boeing is looking at a new twin aisle having the 797 moniker. "Winging It" has written often about such an aircraft and it can be searched using key words such as MOM. 

Little will be discussed on this blog at this time until Boeing makes the announcement. It can only say that the "Paris Air Show" (Le Bourget) during June 2017 is the perfect venue for such an announcement. Like most predictions, it becomes a gut instinct from all the news postings in total which could lead someone to conclude it will be soon enough and why not Paris? 

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The sketch below is a shortened view as the actual concept would go 30 plus rows.
Image result for Boeing MOM twin aisle