Thursday, March 23, 2017

Boeing Gets Its Wings (plant) In Everett, Wa.

Boeing is building more than a 1.2 million square foot plant in Everett, Washington, it’s getting its wings for lofty soaring in the financial markets. A recent Wall Street 24/7 article  Chris Lange has pointed out the subtle and strategic Boeing Change Management move in his article. No longer will Japan's heavy industry independently shoulder the wing load as Boeing will produce the 777X family of folding CFRP wings. AKA (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) 

Wing Plant Under Construction Biz Journal Photo 2015.
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The whole move to Everett is not about the 777X wing but a bigger picture which is emerging. Boeing is embarking on an additional CFRP expedition into the world of concept, design and make process. Boeing wants to control its own destiny in this world of high tech adventures. Value added comes to mind as a power point word play offering. Boeing has shifted in a seismic manner using Everett expertise and Charleston manufacturing muscle. The pathway is being paved with nuanced cement pouring on acreage found around the US. Everett wing plant is built for much more than the 777X wing. It is positioned to... start naming the commercial, military and space list of things to do before getting too excited about wing plant possibilities. 

Wing Plant Model
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Its extremely huge autoclaves could cure an M-1 Abrams Main Battle Tank, if the military wanted a CFRP-MBT, hah no chance for that unless...?  The crazy group of "Men in Black Rimmed Glasses" maybe turned loose in Everett's 1.2 million sq. ft. playground. The outcome is a vast array of ideas for every purpose using CFRP. Trekkies say, "the Space the Final Frontier Convention", being held at the Everett wing plant sometime after the "San Diego Convention Center" loses Comic-Con in 2024. Fat chance that will happen when the 797 needs wings followed by a new single aisle wing. Don't forget my wish list for a MBT offering that the guy in Black Rimmed Glasses proposed. They might even make a movie sequel to "Men in Black". Will Smith may drift on by when picking colors out for his new jet. 

Wing Plant CFRP Auto Clave could fit a A1 M1 MBT @ 144 inch wide where the autoclave is 336 inches at its widest point
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The point is, Boeing has made a square foot pivot for a purpose driven facility for which Charleston does not have in any foreseeable time. Boeing has inserted another manufacturing and development cog within its Everett facility foot-print.

Machine in Wing Making mode.
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