Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Donghai Adds Five 787-9's To Boeing's Backlog.

Donghai Airlines has reached a culmination since the Paris Airshow initial commitments, by signing for twenty-five 737 8's and five 787-9's ordered. The culmination has come after several weeks ago when finalizing the 25 Max, and now today it has finalized the Dreamliners. The total 787 orders placed with Boeing 2016 now stands at sixty-six Dreamliners for the year.


The recent Dreamliner additions in October include 30 with Qatar, 12 with China Southern, and 5 with Donghai Airlines. The monthly total boosts Boeing's order book by 47 Dreamliners after only booking 19 Dreamliners in 2016 through the month of September. Boeing's Dreamliner booking is not done yet for 2016. There are several more pending orders yet to be booked such as Pakistan's order for eight and the ever looming Emirates order for a huge number. That alone may come in 2017 where Boeing will need to continue its wide body bookings going forward, hence the delay in 777 production decrease announcement, it is suspected that the order will come through and then extend current production levels as it will order a suite of wide bodies. It is rumored that Emirates may have a 100 aircraft order forming while listening to both Boeing and Airbus proposals. 

The Boeing Book may and could exceed over 100 Dreamliners booked in 2016, but it is more likely it will go sub 100 Dreamliners ordered for 2016 as it reaches into the mid Seventies range. Either way Boeing has established a solid order groundwork which will bear more order fruit for the program launching it into a 14 a month production pace in 2017. Reaching greater production levels will enable Boeing to maneuver adeptly in the market place and spurring on more wide body orders going forward. Boeing has demonstrated to customers, the Dreamliner is a complete program before the 787-10 makes its debut.