Thursday, November 24, 2016

"Turnkey Manufacturing" Introduces New Passenger Airplane

It's not often a new manufacturer arises with a new passenger aircraft. Even Comac is having a difficult time getting off the the ground. However "Turnkey Manufacturing" has announced a passenger jet that will rival both Airbus and Boeing, mega builders of aircraft.

Tom Innerds, the CEO of Turnkey, just announced his aircraft will stuff more passengers in its body than any other aircraft existing today.

Tom Innerds

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The company has added additional gravy for its outlook going further than any other airline. The Tryptophan Induction Technology (TIT) will lull its passengers into a blissful travel experience. All the aircraft dressings in the body will be located on the side in a 3-3-3 configuration. 

The passenger will have plenty of room for more "Turnkey" options as airlines can choose an offering with a saucy array of space saving applications known as JELLO engineering. "The Jet Efficiency Leg and Lap Opening" allows every passenger additional space and a faster turnaround during its journey. All-in-All Tom Innerds, prefers the Harmonic Aviation Module (HAM) over using the Turnkey method exclusively. HAM will produce a long lasting affect on Turnkey's place in the market place.