Monday, October 31, 2016

October 31, 2016 End Of Month

Program Summary Recap has some notable changes as the 787 order book for 2016 grew to 61 units ordered year to date. Also 117 Dreamliners have been delivered, as it is on pace for about 138 Dreamliners for the year.

Fig. 1

Further doodling analysis reflects a backlog shrinkage at a nominal number of -2 units against orders and delivery since 2011.

90 Day recap of 787 Delivery:

Boeing continues to exceed guidance after another 90 day period paces at almost 12 a month 787's projected goal. Boeing and should reach year ending guidance without pause.  

Fig. 2

Program strength is as follows:

Fig. 3

Program production dichotomy of production and by model.

Fig. 4

Program model in process and delivered production report.

Fig. 5