Saturday, November 5, 2016

Announcement: Winging It Taking A Brief Break

The time has come to relocate operations for this blog. Long in the planning and long for the wait, but the time has come to relocate operations to another street address. 

The most important consideration is the move will disable the internet for up to two weeks and close off my contributions in that time period.

The second consideration: The blog was striving for contributing 1,000 blogs as a goal and this pause will interrupt that objective for 2016 causing Winging It to spill into 2017 after which more decisions are to be made going forward. If you have any ideas or criticisms please share them!

The third observation: is there are more than 966 blogs to read from during the next two weeks and I advise every reader to reference blogs predicting what the 787  will perform and what it has become today when comparing those predictions to outcomes. It’s your challenge to do so.

·      One is about Ryan Air
·      Another about the battery crises as examples.

Good luck and I'll see on the other side of the move!!!