Friday, November 25, 2016

A350-1000 Tale of The Tape

The A350-1000 just flew. How does it compare with Boeing Wide Body measurements?

Image result for a350-1000

All A-350's are counted in program orders with 810 units sold. However counting all Boeing wide body orders including the 777-300-ER, 777-X's and 787's equals a number totaling 2,322 wide bodies ordered with Boeing. In fairness the A-380's for Airbus were not included nor the 747's, since this is a representation of twin engine and not four engines.

With  the unofficial chart above an observer can note the slicing and dicing of  weights, wings, and widths of each Boeing compared with the newest Airbus offering just flown in test mode. Winging It Notes"

Size, weight and capacity are two close to comment about with any certainty. Boeing has considered all the things that remain behind the curtain of technology for each model. Airbus has not breached the Boeing wide body market with the A350-1000 with its niche capacity. Boeing has the market covered in every conceivable way with its family of Wide Bodies above. 

Comparing weight penalties on efficiency and performance numbers becomes a guessing game. Airbus will get its A350-1000 out first is important. Getting the Boeing 777-9X flying in 2018 is just as important. When the two fly then customer interest will change. The market place at that time, will measure the "who has the best WB" in real world terms.