Thursday, July 24, 2014

While Dithering With The A350, Boeing Built A Family Of Aircraft

Airbus dithered its opportunity, capital and pride on the A350 concept, soon after saying the 787 is "inconceivable", it won't work and will cost too much. However, its a good idea just the same, to stick on some plastic panels on an airframe and make an attempt as a good sport with the A350. For that matter, we could build an "All New" A330NEO call it an A330-800 or 900. Rolls Royce is game for a Trent 7000 because the 7000 series number is available. We (Rolls) can take what we did for the 787 and stick it on the A330 NEO. You know it, as what Airbus claimed,  a 787 failure back in 2004.

Ten years later Airbus has relegated itself to reinventing the A330 and canceling the A350-800. The world wonders, "what's that suppose to mean after castigating the 787 as non-doable, going forward and coming out will a knock-off A350-family of aircraft, and then after-all, returning its youngest child, the A350-800, back to the drawing board?" Airbus goes and  re-adopts back into its family, the A330 step child, which was destined for the aluminum recycle bin late last fall.

Its the all new A330-never mind. Let's borrow 787 engine technology from Rolls Royce, because we can. Keep peddling the ghastly sounding "snarklets" and cram more people in it than makes any sense. Just because we need bragging points going 6,000 miles.

The A330 NEO Is....
  • Cheaper
  • Comparable to one of these 787-8, 787`9, 787-10
  • Cheaper
  • Rolls 7000 engine technology stolen (/transitioned) from the 787 TEN project
  • Cheaper
  • Has "cool looking", "Sharklets ?
  • It must be mentioned, CHEAPER (per John Leahy) Its priced only at 279 Million US.
  • Compared to The over priced 787-9 at 249 Million US

Here Comes The Motley Fool  Quotes: (vetted and researched by the Winging It ace reporting team)

"The mid size wide-bodied aircraft of Airbus would be available in two variants -- the A330-800neo seating 252 passengers, and the A330-900neo seating 310 passengers. It would compete with three variants of Boeing's Dreamliner -- 787-8, 787-9 and 787-10 -- seating 242, 280 and 323 passengers, 

 It will come with the latest fuel-efficient Rolls-Royce engine, the Trent 7000, that would enhance the plane's range by nearly 740 kilometers and will be much quieter than its predecessor. In fact, this engine derivative is based on the TRENT-TEN (Thrust Efficiency and New Technology) that is powering the Boeing 787-10, and Airbus claims that it will lead to 14% fuel savings per seat over the aging A330."

1957 Chevy Nomad move over the A330 has "snarklets" on its points just like the fins on that 57 Chevy. "Fly Me To The Moon, Frank" The A330 has arrived again.

What would Boeing say about Airbus "Snarklets"?

"Don't bother me we are busy with another 10 787 this month." 

Airbus just introduced the brand new, all equipped, 1957 2017 A330NEO Nomad, built to save face from its A350 ms-adventures. Hurry, Airbus is slipping and doesn't have time catching-up its dithering campaign from the A350 slump project. 

The Airbus Board Of Directors have all agreed that dithering is in the dictionary, and it must be stopped before the A350 and A380 slips more investor billions into the money pit. They complained about the 787 "inconceivability" status in 2004, and then bragged about the A350 mastery of XWB size in 2007. Which we all found out, it was significantly smaller than the 777 family of 1990's aircraft. The XWB subterfuselage is astounding, it has deceiving lake of real size. 

What can you believe about the A330 NEO? The Rolls Royce Trent 1000 7000 will come quickly, off the engine racks straight from Boeing's testing regimen for engine building. What Boeing has not locked down as proprietary engine parameters, will show up as modification's on the Airbus 7000 Engine Block at Rolls, as will some other deviations coming from the Boeing 787 engine advancements. Rolls Royce holds an exclusive position for the A330 NEO, and must produce a new engine in 24 months, leaving one to think it will grab everything from its playbook, and quickly insert it into a exclusive Airbus Engine option for the A330 NEO.

Boeing couldn't even work out all the 787 glitches in three years, yet Airbus will roll out the NEO in less time than glitch time. Airbus couldn't produce a A350-900 in five years. However, Airbus needs a quantum leap of catch-up subterfuge, since it dithered away the last ten years with an A350 bluff charge. Its game on for Airbus, or just go home and lose. Airbus is in a very nervous position, using a 20 year old scheme for an answer to the 787 family. 

The A350-1000 is a lost leader. The A350-900 is a role player without help. The A350-800 was that help, and it was fired from the line-up. 

Play Ball

The pinch hitter is the 20 year old A330 where it was issued a new glove and uniform.  The A330-NEO will play well for one season, just for its own season ticket holders. These fans will go to the game, because of the stadium concessions provided. The management will see its profits margin slowly deflate, "most unnoticeable". Then it will find itself having to rebuild its business model with a "game changer". The A330 is not the "Game Changer" anymore or a "Difference Maker". It is a stop-gap  player until plan "B" develops out of the minor leagues.
The A3330 NEO is the same semi retired pinch hitter you find sitting on the bench at a Baseball game. All the old fans know how that hitter is, and will cheer as it steps up to the plate. The A350-800 is sitting on the bench and knows it too. Its out of the game and Airbus is behind Boeing in a Score of 5-1. The pinch hitter has to swing for the fences as the A380 and A350-900 are left on base. The next swing is game over.  

It sold 121 A330NEO (from season ticket holders, and renters) copies at its introduction. Nearly the same number of 787-10's sold, (Boeing airline customers in waiting, where 132 units of those types which are reserved) even so during a ballooned wide-body market. The stop gap account has been filled for Airbus. Now the test of time will reveal schemes, plans, and hype for who has the best airplane lined up after ten years of Airbus dithering around the 787 with its A350.

New Airbus Taunt From Its Advanced Wing Design Team

  • Snarklets
Comes from the slang word Snarky, Snark. Being obnoxious, and overbearing with simple things such as obvious new ideas (sarcasm intended) that are not original. Hence the wing tips from Airbus have Snarklets. Those snarky geniuses have it done again.