Monday, July 7, 2014

Some Days Its Better That "Baghdad Bob" Shouldn't Go There, At Airbus

First Airbus is not sure about the A330 NEO, then they need further review, and afterwords, Airbus gets its courage up from a back slapping seminar on "Back Slapping" and furthermore, Bravado sessions which will insure the successful relaunch on another NEO of its ilk called the A330.

The old A330 could stuff up to 375 passengers if loading by standing in a semi vertical posture position while inserting into your seat.

Now we have words of wisdom marking the eventful proclamation coming forward from Airbus about the A330 NEO.

Momentum or Momentus news link

Link quotes:

In an interview with the Financial Times ahead of this month’s Farnborough air show, Fabrice BrĂ©gier, chief executive of Airbus’ passenger jet business, said the probability was “growing every day” that the company would launch an A330 with more fuel-efficient engines.

If we can find a solution to improve this aircraft, I believe it will confirm that we intend to lead the wide-body segment of our market,” he added.


 Is a a big word. Is Airbus bluff charging Boeing or are they going all-in per Baghdad Bob's sound advice of "we have Boeing surrounded completely with the A330 all new metal aircraft? Far Superior than its A350-800 failure. Grizzly Bears bluff charge, not airplanes. Therefore, it must be some kind of wrong headed momentum in France.
Fabrice is not a laundry softener or an air freshener experience. He is full on serious with the backing of select Board members, who have become alarmed by the slow progress of the A350-800 acceptance and rising ascendancy of Boeing's strong line-up of vastly improved technology for airplanes.

Found in the greened sentence are key "I" words you should never use in a lucid thought, when trying to convince your audience.

  • IF
  • Intend
  • I Believe
The laundry softener is one word short of an "I" grand slam of literations. They will be tagged out at Home Plate on the word "Believe".

Parsing the quote.

The road to perdition is paved with good intentions ("confirmed" from above)
I is a word for vast egos or is it NEOs.
If is a conditional word when nothing else is working right.