Thursday, July 17, 2014

Airbus Snap Shot-1st Half of 2014 Announced At Farnborough: Boeing Snap Shot-Just Farnborough

Airbus gets to report it beat Boeing for orders at Farnborough, as its custom is to hold orders until either the Farnborough airshow or Paris Airshow plays since they play alternate years. The final tally marks what Airbus has been doing during the first half of the year where Boeing prefers to let its customers announce when it determines what is appropriate to do so for making its own splashes.

Airbus beats Boeing at Farnborough with nearly orders valued at nearly twice as much  

Pro Airbus Bias Press Hype Snapshot:

"Though Airbus clinched more deals at Farnborough, Boeing insisted that it has won more in the year to date. It put its figure at 783 against Airbus' 645.
Airbus said Thursday its orders and commitments at Farnborough for 496 aircraft were valued at $75 billion. Demand for its A320neo, or "new engine option," was particularly strong. Boeing, meanwhile, secured business worth $40.2 billion for 201 airplanes.
"The orders and commitments we've received at this record-breaking Farnborough for both the A330neo and A320neo families are together an unequivocally resounding endorsement for these most cost-efficient aircraft," said John Leahy, Airbus' chief operating officer.
Airbus' orders intake included the largely updated versions of its A330 wide body aircraft, which launched this week. Airbus says the plane is more fuel efficient and has a longer range to help it compete against Boeing's 787 Dreamliner."
Pro Boeing Snap Shot:
Enough said, when a photo is worth a thousand orders. 

An Airbus A350 wouldn't do this on a clear day either. Airshow should be for Airshows demonstrations in the air and not for showing stacked decks worth of orders. Recently Boeing went through announcing 200 commitments of 737 Max (China region) up to 6 weeks before this show. They also announce the huge Emirates order before the show, per customer advising. This is a Boeing policy, not an Airbus want reserved for its comparative self. However, for show purposes, Airbus pushed the order envelope by throwing in the kitchen sink for its order book. Even with that "photo shopped-snap shot report", they still lag Boeing for the year by 783 Boeing orders to 645 Airbus orders. Is Boeing concerned? The focus is sharp at Boeing and the purpose is resolved. The concern is more execution than an A330 NEO line.

Having faith in customers,  picking what is best for its own visions is part of the Boeing vision. Boeing has not lost sight of this at one airshow. However, as any smart competitor will pause and look at what the market is doing and act accordingly. Boeing's MAX is a sound proposition where over 2100 of its type has been ordered. They have been closing the NEO gap ever since it committed to building the MAX. The 787-9 rocked the show, and made the industry look! Those same customers will go back to HQ and talk and talk about what they saw. A (perfectly made) concept ready for delivery and has been delivered, better than anything that exist at this time, including the 787-8 or the A350-900. The laminar flow technology remains to be exposed during commercial service, as to how good it will be in increasing fuel mileage for the 787-9. I expect a surprise, as the 787-9 enters service, where another 2 % is added over the current 787-8 model.

Gaining a solid 22% over the current prior generation aircraft such as the 767, and considering the 787-8 is reported by customers at the 20-21% improvement range, the 787-9 is remarkable