Wednesday, July 2, 2014

787-9 Makes Farnborough Worth Going To This July 14th

Rainy Days and BOEING Always make Me Glad PHOTO op above signifies the beginning of the air show junket for 2014. Next year will kick-off in France. I would expect some proud owners of the 787-9 to show up there in Paris.

The Farnborough show will feature stretch as the theme. Stretch your seating plan stretch your bottom line in a front to back display of airline strength. What I want to see on the 787-9.

  • "What difference does it make", not the political rhetoric difference making.
  • Where will I sleep during 9,000 miles of continuous pampering?
  • Who's type of seats goes here?
  • Why so many people looking, Farnborough was suppose to be just for me?
  • When do I have to exit the 787-9 during the airshow. Exhibit hours are too short.
Just a few W's are in order to make this a spectacular Boeing event. The main thing is that the 787-9 will be there in full regalia.  It doesn't matter if Airbus shows up or if John Leahy makes another obnoxious pontification about his A350 or A380. It does matter how the difference-maker plays in Peoria, England. Relax its just a metaphor from mid-western sensibility.

The 787-9 will be a brow lifter. mouth-causing-breather, and  an envy-boosting-smile-maker for those lucky enough to board her during the show.  Expect witnessing one Seminal Sea changing moment in your life, that you can tell your grand children, only if you are currently a teenager during this show. 

In two years time it will be the 787-10 time at the show. It will be the extended "you can see  Russia from here version". That one will stretch to your destination before take-off. Just kidding for those who have never read this blog before. Sarah Palin will ride in this model, because she can. 

Farnborough is the display of simultaneous aviation dreams and reality. The 787-9 is in the reality category. A new announcement from Boeing is the dream category. The possibility of saying something, anything about a single aisle extender is in the rumor bin. I would be willing to bet someones money on a 200 passenger, single Aisle 757-type-ER at Farnborough. We will see in about two weeks. The cat may have already jumped the sack from Air Astana last week when it said it was very interested on what Boeing had to say about the 757 type. New engines, new design and Max steroids for Boeing's popular "Hot Rod" in the sky, is the 757. Boeing has so much room to trick out the 757 design in a more powerful representation of airline progress since it quit building the 757 ten years ago. Since then Boeing achieved the 787 play book affecting the MAX, 777 and 747. What would that playbook do to a 757 type enhancement of its popular 757 aircraft since that customer has a difficult time letting go of its 757's.  They really like it no matter how it ages. Can 787 DNA find its way into a revived for a lower mid-sized single-aisle project?