Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Post Farbborough Rant

No rant is good without some numbers. A billion here and a billion there, pretty soon it becomes some real money. First Airbus bragged," I got 61 Billion, Boeing what did you get? Ha Ha!" That was yesterday. Boeing today wakes up and forgets to mention to Airbus about some 50 Max and then another 50 777-X's from Qatar, and oh yeah another 50 777x option's. All totaled, Boeing stands at 63 Billion over Airbus' paltry 61 billion. This makes it a very interesting air show. After -all Airbus sand-bagged its order over the spring, where it unloads it in one shot at Farnborough. The big story is the 150 777X Boeing booked a week before the show. It has not sandbagged orders going into the show yet caught Airbus in a toe to toe order match in dollar value.

Boeing could have asked Emirates before the show, but didn't per Boeing policy of letting the customer name the time and place of its own choosing to announce a purchase. Or did they? I suspect Boeing had the order book race covered for this year's Farnborough show before the show got started and ask Emirates with all respect that they could announce a week before the show in an demonstration of strength at the air show much like the 787-9 demonstrated doing its aerobatics maneuvers before jaw dropped visitors. They had already amassed 63 billion before the show started and waited for John Leahy to proudly kiss someone before Boeing started the trickle then the flood today on this waning day of the commercial show.

Oh my, what has Airburst done! Bragged and then sagged at an inappropriate moment. Boeing smartly walked by them on the way out from the show. 200 777X' booked before and during the show and then another 100 Max. Not counting those sneaky little 787-9's here and there being ordered in the 5 or 10's.

Another article was presented today. Here it is and then some comments:

He actually flew a 787-9 stirred but not shaken, but not like was done at Farnborough where James Bond took the controls much to delight of all of England. If you don't click the link above its okay. Because nothing bad was said by Udvar-Hazy other than is such a smooth airplane to fly. The upside is great for him and his customers. That type of sentiment is difficult to come by from this man as he is known as a very careful and succinct orator for aviation topics. A Haiku is given in straight talk.

At The Heart of the Matter, 787-9 Quote:

"While there, he had high praise for the 787-9 Dreamliner, a star of the flying display at Farnborough.

He also took the opportunity at press conference to offer Boeing public advice on selling the 787 in competition with that new Airbus A330neo.

Boeing executives, confident in their airplane, seemed content to wait and see just how big a threat the Airbus jet will prove.
Hazy said that both he and his longtime right-hand man, John Plueger, ALC’s president, are pilots and that a couple of weeks ago Boeing allowed them to fly a 787-9 out of Seattle.

“We did all the maneuvers,” Hazy said. “Low speed. High speed. Steep turns. It’s a magnificent airplane.”