Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Art Of (WAR) Blaming The Other Guy For MH17

The Evil shot was taken, bringing down the innocence on flight MH17 over Eastern Ukraine, where the Ukraine army has vacated. Russian troops are amassed on the Ukraine boarder by the thousands with its equipment, including Buk missile launchers. These are the same ones photographed deep in Eastern Ukraine on the day MH17 was shot down with 298 passengers and crew, all perishing. The chorus has been loud and long, "it wasn't me".  The love/hate triangle claims a no fault. Russia Putin says "Who-me?". The separatist, cry "here is the flight box" (wearing no mask). The Russian trained solders who wear masks, so as not to be identified, "no comment". Bingo, the mask wearing Russian soldiers did it under the orders of someone east of their position.

But what about the Ukraine Army who owns BUK launchers stored far to the west in reserve? That answer is a Ukrainian strategic military response they are ready when Russia launches its jets over the Ukraine. The Ukraine wouldn't want to sneak one into separatist territory when the separatist own no aircraft, unless Russia "lends" a few piloted jets and helicopters by its masked Air force. Russia could train the separatist over night to skillfully shoot down a 33,000 FL commercial aircraft, couldn't they? Russia claims the scarfs over the face is some kind of Crimean fashion statement spread to Eastern Ukraine. Meanwhile the separatist on the ground grumble,

"I didn't join the Russian missiliers to wear a scarf over my face just go to the Ukraine and kill innocent people. We already shot down a Ukrainian military cargo plane and a few other targets. Blame the separatist, Blame the Ukrainians, but don't blame Russia."

...This is insane!

I apologise to people who lost loved ones on MH17, for anything that may seem insensitive in this blog. It is not meant to be humerus or an over simplification of facts, it is meant to illustrate how stupid and horrendous an act of murder is, under the guise of war. When I heard the news, I felt grief for the those innocent people and wanted answers or a way to right the wrong.

No one wants to take responsibility, for a any reason, since it is not an act of war, but an act of mass murder for no apparent reason. When the facts are born out and the guilty are sought out this war will end, because it will have long lost any noble idea of its right in the first place. Russia may want to try and keep the Crimea or the Ukraine will want to restore its Eastern Frontier, but the Separatist who gave up the flight recorders will get stuck with the blame even though they don't know how to launch missiles on a target. Russia is too big to fail in the world scheme of things, and the Separatist are just pawns for the the big guys, like Russia, "who do no wrong"!

I will pray to God for the families that lost loved ones on flight MH17. It still grieves me.