Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bears Of The Market Look To Feed On The Clark Fork River Dump

737 derail fuselages closeWould you just look at that and then wonder about the cost. The old adage, "Time is Money" is the biggest loser here in this picture. Without being too "Selfie",  on this article, I'll mention my expert back ground on this accident. I learned my fly fishing chops on this very spot of river in my youth at age 15. I floated this very same stretch of river during the same time period. Finally, I hunted up the slope from this Boeing dump site. This is my expert response to the Boeing Bear Market Refuge and dump. The stock Market needs to analyze how many lost hours add up for 6 lost fuselages.

  • The time taken to examine and add up.
  • What to do with worker waiting just-in time to finish the building of aircraft
  • The time lost building the dead bodies
  • The material lost to the aluminum crushers and recyclers
  • The time delay of not reaching 42 aircraft  in July as paced.
Time is a cruel punishment for a heat sensitive piece of rail, that may have buckled under a stress load, during a warm day. True to the Montana spirit of adventure, droves of rafters , and fishing junkies stormed the banks to wet their lines while the clean-up started. That's what I would do, if I lived within 70 miles of the wreck. Since, I now live in Idaho, and my hands are full of Idaho rivers with little time to cover all of its pleasantries. A wreck of this scope will bring the Bears out, east of the Mississippi. The total cost reimbursement will not replace opportunity lost cost, momentum squandered, and deliveries delayed. The insurance won't recover these amounts which could tally in the millions during the year ahead. These are intrinsic amounts that accounting can or will have difficulty assigning the lost amounts to the affected projects.

So what can you assign for cost?  Compare what you made last month at 42 units plus other affected programs that are delayed subtract what you do in July. Six Bodies represents approximately five days of production give or take rounding. Then the exponential stuff starts generating gained cost.

The production cycle is interrupted. The labor cost flows extrapolates from prior production lost on damaged bodies to the new added do-over hours. Double the material costs from do-over bodies. Then only produce 36 units during mid-year ramp-up of production flow. Ka- Ching, call the accountants and insurance people.

 I wish I was there fishing photo Bomb

Note the guy behind the man in the yellow life vest has good paddling pole control going through the Boeing Bear Market Dump.

Bellow is found on tracks dead caption.

 Its hard to get a photo without a Montana Rafter going by the site. OOPS photo title

In all, the final cost go into some infinite universe of calculation. However by years end, Boeing will recover numbers nicely as they would want one extra 737 per month to slip in somewhere before your eyes and make 2014 come in close for 737 production, if not on target for the investors. That's why those accounting types get paid the "Big Bucks", just to appease the Bear stock market.