Sunday, October 23, 2016

500th Dreamliner By Christmas?

Boeing can reach its 137th Dreamliner by Christmas 2016. A feasible feat as they are projected to deliver about 138 Dreamliners during 2016. So what's the big deal? It means the possibility exist for the 500th Dreamliner will be delivered to Avianca as a present to both the builder and the customer in 2016.

The Boeing 787 frame count is 476 Dreamliners delivered and in currently in customer hands leaving only twenty-four to go before years end. It is a significant 787 bench mark of the 500th customer air frames in service. When considering past programs and complexity, this bench mark is considerable for any maker for any size of newly developed advanced aircraft. 

It may not be Air France counting the 500th Dreamliner body built, but it certainly should be since its in the heart of Airbus country. This little nuance won't be ignored by Boeing's mega competitor, Airbus of France. The 500th scheduled 787 to be delivered on December 20, 2016 goes to Avianca per All Things 787 Blog and my meager math skills.

September 25, 2011 was the date for first delivered 787-8. When considering an end of this year with the 500th delivery, it will have spanned a time of five years and three months on December 25, 2016. The number crunching neophytes may figure 1918 days since first delivery on an auspicious day, September 25, 2011. 

So Yes, the Boeing significance of number 500 looms large for sentimental and program history. It will not change the Boeing financial picture at all, but it will generate immense bragging rights over its 500th wide body entering the market place. It has been no easy feat as engineering mishaps, and production woes stalled portions of this timeline. However, Boeing over compensated for lost time and uncertain solutions for problems it had encountered. 

Boeing built an abundance of 787's in the last several years erasing the memory of any nightmares it had encountered.

This Christmas tip of the hat goes to number 500 and then take the last week of December off while congratulating Air France and Avianca.