Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Pakistan Has Entered The 787 Jetway

A prior “Winging It” article highlighted the Middle East potential and then mentioned other countries in waiting for unknown quantities of wide body orders. Today the news reported Qatar has a big Friday Oct. 8th announcement and then Pakistan came to the forefront ordering eight 787s.

A “Winging IT” predictive summary is that Boeing will add thirty-eight 787's and an additional ten 777-300ER to its order book, thus bolstering its wide-body drive before years end. 

However the story won't end there as both the Saudi and Emirate orders have not concluded. Combined they may yield close to 100 wide bodies ordered with Boeing. The catch to all this, is military play as Qatar views the region beyond commercial aviation. They have a military dog in the fight. 

If all cards are played, it will astound the aviation market as there are more Middle East players in the wings starting with Turkey. In all Boeing may trek into 2017 with more than 150 wide body orders from this point forward to the end of 2017. The majority will be 787's with about 30 more 777's on the wings. All of this can come crashing down with a change of heart for Boeing but is not anticipated.