Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Boeing Plans The GAP Filler For Its Family Of Aircraft

The Great Air-Plane (GAP) is a much debated proposition by Boeing. They have spent millions dithering around the middle in a huddle, on the CAD, and in the field. They have moved a step closer and giving out hints as a means of expressing its matter of when, not if! The stay at home MOM moves to the GAP status if you parse out Boeing "Quotes". She will be well clothed.

"I would say we're a little bit more optimistic today than we have been" about the "middle of the market" plane, Randy Tinseth, vice president of marketing at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, said at a briefing on Boeing's market outlook in Brussels, ahead of Boeing's results report on Wednesday.

An end of year Christmas announcement to kick-off 2017 is apropos. The mystery aircraft is shrouded in secrecy of whether it will be dual aisle or single aisle. The second mystery is its range of maybe 4,000 + miles continental leaper. It would be handy going to Hawaii and the Caribbean anywhere from North America with a Rocky Mountain High address. Such an Airplane will move junketeers from Denver to Hawaii without a care in the world of travel. It would also span nations such as China and Australia without eroding the 787 or 737 market space.
An Atlantic crossing is fashionable with the GAP/MOM Boeing (757?) make-over artist, as its A321-NEO stumbles in the Jetways when the next Great Air-Plane debuts at various concourses in the world of local to everywhere concepts.