Monday, May 23, 2016

VietJet Has Ordered Up With Boeing

Counting 100 single aisle Max 8-200C's as an opening headline is a considerable boost for the VietJet Airline and its airplane maker, Boeing, with its aspirations in the East Asia's market.

Not wanting to go on about the deal it is apparent Boeing is busy in the region making significant headway with Vietnam's other commercial carrier, This order is for VietJet and not its own Vietnam Airlines, who currently and already has booked both the Boeing 787 (19) and the Airbus A350 (14) aircraft in a prior significant order. The region will explode with Boeing aircraft having the 100 Max 200C's on order. This is the same type Ryan Air (Ireland) ordered a few years back when it  required a stretch version of the 737 Max 8 and Boeing accommodated it with a 197 seat Max 8 with additional doors and a modified galley. Now VietJet’s order solidified the model production for Boeing.