Sunday, May 29, 2016

The MAX-X Formerly Known As The "MOM"

The problem then is found in the marketing point where aircraft parts for a Max-X would be significantly different than its formal offering on current Max types. However, Boeing is already stuck with a stand-alone type citing its aging 757, as it loses airspace due to its eminent retirement. A 737 Max 10-X is under consideration as reported by Reuters

The real decision tree will be based on units "possibly ordered" if it decides taking this route. The Max-10X would have to have 1,000 plus units committed "what Ifs",  in order to spend scarce resource capital on a new single aisle type. Boeing is taking a customer headcount on how many would order if launched or announced. 
The window for a decision of this nature will come soon after the 777X makes first delivery so Boeing will take the next four years making that decision before announcing. It is just in the white board phase of concept with erasers being handy. 

The key to this mystery is coming from what the engine makers are doing to develop an engine fit for this new aircraft configuration. If CFM is testing a larger Leap-1 it isn't for Airbus and it won't fit on a current 737, therefore the Max-10 is under consideration with some developmental money on the table. The MOM could be a reality by 2021.