Friday, May 20, 2016

Today Is National Zumwalt Day: It Delivered!

DDG 1000 delivered today after 4.4 billion was spent and follow-on Billions will be spent pushing forward a Navy dream of Oceanic dominance protecting US interest, allies, and it defense of America. What can the DDG do is the big mystery? So far it has shown it can go stealthy, run fast, and mess with any electronic warfare imposed on the ship. It can light up a small city with its gas turbines generation. 

Navy photograph

DDG1000 US Navy Photo

What is proposed for the DDG 1000 while in San Diego during 2017?

·      Complete ship’s array of weapons (known/unknown)
·      Install war fighting capabilities (unknown)
·      Test in secret operational capability (Unknown)
·      Complete training of war fighting crew (about 140 members)

The 33+ knot and 16,000 ton Zumwalt is something not to criticize as another DoD expenditure that is flawed. It’s the pride of Bath Iron Works and Raytheon Technology. All systems will be go in 2018. It will turn lose a capability, the Arleigh Burke class of destroyer cannot not match. The DDG 51 series is a twentieth century tool of defense from the 1990's. This destroyer, who can't be found easily, and does not yet have installed its full lethal function will change geopolitical aspirations. First assignment maybe the South China seas where China is building military sand castles in the sea region of multiple nations.  China is imposing its will and the US has a ship China can't build at this time.

Winging It solutes the people of Bath Iron Works and the US Navy having made this day possible. It’s the first of a family of three, but once accomplished the added value will be more follow-on Zumwalt types as a repayment for billions invested.