Thursday, May 12, 2016

The F-35 Is Different And Changes War Fighting

A recent article illustrates how the F-35 is not in a dog fight with the F-16 but is actually micro managing combatants to its own demise. The Article of note headlines.

It becomes a "Winging It" reading assignment structured towards unconventional aerial warfare. The F-35 does not dogfight, it just out thinks any known aircraft today, and into the future for years to come! Please refer to the link above for a different perspective on the F-35 and why its problematic architecture must use resolve for fixing the amalgamated war fighting capability. The word fusion is tossed about when naming the conceptualized intent of bringing all things together that has inherently evolved since flying began.

Image result for F-35 straight up

The F-35 is not an evolution of faster, bigger, or more mobile fighter when it doesn't have to be. It just cheats during the waring conflicts of the air. The F-35, as this article illustrates, and then I go on (metaphorically), how a pudgy little bumble bee can fly circles around the other insects of the air and strike with a finality not yet experienced in aerial combat. 

Keep in mind the word "fusion", its key to this whole discussion, and why pilots are learning to love flying this aircraft. The pilots see it all (helmet) and then they see it all again (electronic fusion/sensors), without even an adversary noticing the F-35 has its number. The first question up, why dogfight? Second question up why the need for speed?

Read on via the link above and you will understand why a faster horse travelling can't beat an automobile or why the F-16 can't run with the F-35.