Sunday, May 15, 2016

787 Is Expanding The Market In An Overlapping Coverage

A long headline for saying the 787 is rapidly fulfilling its promise of connecting all the world's loose ends when aviation could not connect those ends before the 787. Previously, a connectivity outlook would involve the 777 or the 747, but the 787 isn't about mass, its about convenience. The 787 can land at "almost" any sensible sized airport in the world without much ado. That is the 787 market, and everyday the news headlines searched by "787" opens another new route at an alarming pace.

Asia, the Mideast and America are rapidly filling the skies with new 787 routes. The A350 has stumbled out of the gates where Qatar threatens a Boeing purchase over another A350 delivery delay. Time is Qatar's enemy as the world routes are rapidly being filled with 787's. The 787 market overlaps in all corners of the earth is noticed after delivery number 400 from the 787. Every week the news documents how some airlines is assigning the 787 to current or new route.  All 787 equipped airlines are announcing route expansion with its fleets of 787's. The Dreamliner will soon turn a momentum corner, as it will soon become a fleet replacement model for older aircraft including the venerable A330 flock and its routes flown.