Monday, August 25, 2014

The Heady Era Of The 787 Has Started (updated 8/26)

The heady days of the 787 has started. You may known it in history as the Golden Era. Over a hundred years ago mansions popped up over North America. Mansions as found on Sea Island Georgia, Delaware, and the Chesapeake Bay region. However, the Golden era has reemerged with the 787. These heady days occur when people from ANZ and Ethiopian begin reaping in the coin from the 787 family of aircraft. The first ones, back in 1890, opened General Stores across the country. Later on came the Woolworths, JC Penny and Sears. Then came the Sears Tower in Chicago. Earlier the Woolworth Building in NYC. America's Golden age came and melted into the fabric of Americana.

Here comes the 787, as world airlines are delivered the Boeing 787. Thus the new Golden era with the 787, as it builds more mansions and great buildings in the world's cities. In Singapore, Frankfurt and Gatwick will golden 787 ideas pave its streets. Its by no coincidence that plane loads of nuggets are unloaded by the 787. The 787 is the chief engine of the New Golden Era. It moves profit lines into the expanse of wealth.

Even though the A350 is just getting its chops, think about the year 2011 and now for Boeing. The Airbus company has a large task ahead of itself to reach Boeing's point of of aircraft ascendancy. In three more years Boeing will have delivered an additional 350 787's on top of current 180 delivered 787's. It will mean select airlines will be flying over 500 787's in 2017. Compared with Airbus' late started era of the A-350's as found in the grand scheme of things. The time will be right for Boeing to reach out and touch everyone with the 777X suite of aircraft.

Railroads in America came with a thunderous appeal as the world's new wealthiest built the first railroads across this continent. Then came the late Rail starters who never reached the excellence in travel that the forerunners did, since the best routes were already taken. The great routes were pioneered, not by surveyors but through the hard lessons coming on the old trails as found throughout the Midwest and Western trails. The late industrialist had to take on secondary right-a-ways  through the northern mountains, such as the Great Northern Rail Way Company carved its empire. It is now merged with the original transcontinental line holders.

Norwegian Air International calls on US Department of Transportation "Approve Application"!

The same applies to the airline company. Those who get on board first, maintains the high ground. Follow the battle that Norwegian Airlines is fighting with North American routing. Its having trouble getting Rights of Routes (RR) into North America.

Many newspaper reports are expressing angst towards Norwegian Air's strategy of capturing the North American continent with its fleet of 787's, even before those Airlines of North America can receive its own quota of 787's, as it would then compete. Read on about Air New Zealand, and its bucket of profit nuggets. Put both stories together with RR on board, and you have a 1880 style railroad/air war in the 21st century. The RR scenario is the tipping point. "Keep Norwegian off our route territory", is the battle cry. Norwegian tried a flanking action from Ireland, as a circumvention of route acceptance from Europe to North America.
"Today, Norwegian Air International filed its reply to the Department of Transportation's ("Department's") notice of August 4, 2014 requesting comments on the meeting between the U.S. Government and the European Commission ("Notice"). Norwegian Air International urges the Department to grant its application for an exemption and a foreign air carrier permit without further delay.

Norwegian Air International is joined by many supporters, who have also filed in support of its application, including the Irish Aviation Authority, U.S. Travel Association, American Society of Travel Agents, European Low Fares Airline Association, the Oakland, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale airport authorities, Federal Express, and Atlas Air. The American public deserves more choice and lower fare options for flights between the U.S. and Europe. The U.S. economy will benefit from the increased tourism, and Norwegian's fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners—the largest of any European airline—represents thousands of jobs at Boeing and Boeing's suppliers throughout the U.S.
In the Notice, the Department summarized the views of the European Commission that a party to the Open Skies Agreement cannot unilaterally deny an airline's application based on the so-called "social dimension" article of the agreement. "The Commission's position echoes what we have been saying from the beginning, and we trust that the clear views of the Commission answer once and for all our opponent's objections in this regard," said Asgeir Nyseth, CEO of Norwegian Air International. "We look forward to the Department approving our application so that we can enjoy the same rights afforded to every other European airline serving the U.S. market – rights guaranteed to us under the Open Skies Agreement."
The wait for the 787 is putting some airlines on a nervous edge, as they watch the profit margins increase for 787 compliant airlines. Those are the airlines who have RR into North America. The same will repeated into China, and in other expanding, or opportunity markets, as the 787 rolls out.

(Metaphor)Airbus arrives in San Francisco three years late, as in 1852 late. Just as the nuggets play out in California. However, the real rush is going on now. The RR window is only opened for a short while, as if a California Gold rush. The battle has just begun for the lucrative markets in travel.

So the 19th century comparison goes forward leading from the Golden era in 1890-1910. This time the age begins in 2014, and will continue until 2034 for the airlines, the world airlines are the new industrialist of this age. Mansions will be built and tall building go higher from the gold floating out from the air, just for those who claimed it first.