Thursday, August 7, 2014

ANA Experiance Launches First With The 787-9

The last three years has taught ANA plenty. They have processed over 787 into service and they know the drill, have the pilots and ground crews. The ANA pilots have too flown the 787-9 in practice runs. When it came to the 787-9 first delivery it beat the launch customer, Air New Zealand, off the flight line with a payload of customers. What is most remarkable is it did it six times on the first day of launching. Six cycles were achieved!

 The first 787-9 for All Nippon Airways seen at Boeing Field while conducting tests for Boeing - Photo: Mal Muir |

You may wonder what happened to Air New Zealand's shiny Black Bird. They have had its 787-9 for several weeks. The problem with its launch, is ANZ doesn't have the built up human resources familiar with this type yet. They are a Works-In-Progress for all the things that ANA has already accomplished with its staff, plus adding three years of flying, loading, and unloading operations for 787 flights. Now you know what happened to the Kiwi's 787-9, they are right on schedule.

ANA has a running head start and they are making the most of it. No other airline in the world has the finesse, and acumen for the 787 operations that ANA has with its 30, 787 on the flight line. Air New Zealand stands as the first to receive the 787-9, and first to fly from its home. It will be the first to fly a scheduled route with paying passengers.

The non -route flight, loading of children and chaperones on its first 787-9, this is one of six tour flights on August 7, 2014.