Sunday, August 31, 2014

Christopher Cross And The 787

If any singer could sing the metaphor of the 787, it is Christopher Cross. In 1980, he gave the soft sounds of "Sailing". I listened to the sounds of this song everyday, as I cruised the I-5, 405 freeways around San Diego Bay. It was ethereal therapy for the soul in the troubled world. The song burned a place in my pyschic as a life-time salve, where Art transcends Science in a meld of beauty and symmetry. This Blog once featured the song "Sailing" just for the 787. Then there was the song about "Ride Like The Wind", which was inappropriately missed during the blog. So this Blog is to make amends. The NBC Sunday Morning Show featured Christopher Cross on this day's episode for August, 31 2014. Christopher Cross is still alive and singing much to my delight. The assigned effort today is about snagging some ITunes for his artistry, and put it on your music device prior to boarding a 787. Go "Sailing" where Art meets Science on the 787 and then "Ride Like The Wind".


Ride Like The Wind
(he wears a "dream on" ball cap on this song)

Enjoy The Day, 787's!