Friday, May 6, 2016

June 2016 Schedules: 17, 787's For Delivery

I got excited by Boeing's production intent for the month of May, the month of June production Queue was ready for view from the All Things 787  website. Once again the data was extrapolated and presented from a filtered view for the month of June 2016 delivery schedule. The number on the list is Seventeen 787 models which are scheduled for June delivery. The biggest observation; is Boeing has set its sight on making the 787's at a 100% production capacity pacing over the next two months.

A delivery of note is Ethiopian will take a preteen   #12 build number, a long wait from the Change Incorporation-Rework Center lady in waiting. This is the first of Ethiopia's next six terrible teens, all fixed up. Even though these are heavier than current 787-8's, it will provide a 15% improvement on fuel economy, but its buy price does compensate and will buy many gallons of Jet A. It is also significant to note, this unit # 12 has all the latest upgrades equal to what now comes off the production line today. The weight of this aircraft is the main penalty.
British Airways will receive its second 787-9 late from the Zodiac Seat production snag. Note it is a 396 build number. Boeing will be delivering in the 430's build numbers during June 2016. The highest number scheduled for delivery in June is build #447.

Air China will receive two more 787-9's in June bringing its first three 787's delivered in two months.  The rapid delivery pace will make an Airbus production response not worthy of mentioning, as Boeing will have delivered 31 787's in this two month period, that is if no delays are encounter from the production floor or from the customer. Boeing has shown in the last several years, its production capability is at a premium level for the 787 type. 

Monthly Type Production:
  • 787-8 Three
  • 787-9 Fourteen