Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Whats Not Farnborough is The Boeing Case Without FanFare

Did Airbus Steal The Show At Farnborough?

Guru Focus Headline

"The European airplane maker Airbus (NASDAQ: EADSY) has been struggling hard to match its order book with chief rival Boeing (NYSE: BA). Boeing has retained its supremacy over Airbus as the market leader in the wide bodied aircraft category. The trailing European player had its eyes set on the Paris Airshow which is visited by several airlines and leasing companies looking for better and efficient planes.

Let’s find out if Airbus saw any dramatic change in its order book after the Farnborough Airshow and where it order book stands as on date."
The Boeing Chart Below suggest otherwise from a practical point of fact. As much as Airbus pushes the narrative in its favor; reality is a different picture. The drive-by newsers only pay attention to airshows and its ilk, and not the whole picture. That picture won't be complete until December 31, 2014. Airbus, in the meantime banks orders for airshows and news galas. The Month of May Boeing orders were not part of Farnborough.

LiftnDrag Blog Answer: Not even close as in NO!

May 2014 Orders Detail
Order DateCustomerModel SeriesOrders
30-May-2014Alaska Airlines737-900ER4
16-May-2014Eastern Air Lines737-80010
31-May-2014Japan TransOcean Air737-8006
16-May-2014Nok Air737 MAX8
16-May-2014Nok Air737-8007
15-May-2014Unidentified Customer(s)737 MAX30
27-May-2014Unidentified Customer(s)737 MAX6
28-May-2014Unidentified Customer(s)737-700C2
27-May-2014Unidentified Customer(s)737-8004
15-May-2014Unidentified Customer(s)737-80020
22-May-2014Unidentified Customer(s)777-300ER2
May Total99
Farnborough Month was June. Not all orders from this list below were included at the event.

June 2014 Orders Detail
Order DateCustomerModel SeriesOrders
03-Jun-2014Business Jet / VIP Customer(s)777-300ER1
13-Jun-2014Turkish Airlines737 MAX15
17-Jun-2014Unidentified Customer(s)737 MAX60
29-Jun-2014Unidentified Customer(s)737-80010
17-Jun-2014Unidentified Customer(s)737-80020
June Total109
The month of July reflects many billions $$ in sales reported by Boeing days after the Airshow even though they were acquired before the show, or shortly after the show. Airbus is starting to develop a short order complex (derived from short man complex). It seems to demonstrate its condition with its XWB statements, and other hyperbole. Yes, the A350 is 13 centimeters (5.1inches) wider than the 787. But now I have to go and find out how many centimeter the A350 is narrower than the 777X. It sounds like I need to go research that one out too. If only someone would pay me more, I would do that for your and my own curiosity. Here it is on XWB's:

  • 777X - 19'7"
  • A350 -19'6"
  • 7878 - 18'11"

 July 29, 2014
2014 Net Orders550121913783
Air Algerie1010
Air Canada6161
Alaska Airlines66
Business Jet / VIP Customer(s)1113
Cargolux Airlines11
CIT Leasing Corporation1010
Eastern Air Lines1010
Intrepid Aviation66
Jackson Square Aviation33
Japan TransOcean Air66
MG Aviation Limited22
Nok Air1515
Okay Airways Company Limited1010
Qatar Airways5050
SunExpress Airlines4040
Turkish Airlines1515
Turkmenistan Airlines33
Unidentified Customer(s)3746380
United States Navy1616
2014 Gross Orders604121913837
2014 Net Orders550121913783
200 777X and another 20 signed for this month from ANA (not yet listed) is not chump chamge, and is not part of Farnsborough. Its Billions and Billions. So yeah Airbus had a great airshow reveal from hoarded orders, and Boeing is just kicking Airbus with 777X orders over the A350-1000 dismal collection of orders. I am really sticking my kneck out here, as Airbus may produce more A350 orders than what I expect. If that happens, then respond on the blog about it, and how big a chump I am. I can take a few shots, once in a while. I am really a nice guy that doesn't care for obnoxiuos airline execs like John at Airbus.