Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Synergy, The Key For Not Going Extinct,

Synergy, is defined in nature, as a "symbiotic" relationship, where two unrelated functions feed its selves into a greater strength that otherwise would not have happened with out each other. In science or everyday life, people, or activity,  ideas combine into an existence that other wise would of not happened without the presence of two or more elements. The existence of elemental participation can bring negative effects on our life as well. In the Great Lakes near Ohio, an Algae bloom occurred by the synergistic elements of water, heat and nitrates from the farming industry. The Algae bloom poisoned the water supply. Each element was necessary for this synergy to occur.

Boeing has push through aviation's evolution with its synergy driven 787. Having no bleed air by-pass system, since it goes with an all electric systems architecture, Boeing by-passed problems aircraft suffer today with cabin conditions. Bleed Air By-pass contributes to the perfect germ storm. This becomes another one of the synergistic type events. Air by-pass feeds all a contemporary aircraft except the 787. Even the newest A-350 can't claim Boeing's achievement for air purity. By-pass air systems has inherent problems with germs from the negative synergy of that system, and it is nothing to sneeze about where germs can multiple in the by-pass environment. The all electric structure by-passes that problem as it pumps out bad air and pumps in new air. No recycling of germ air, thus nullifying the germa-phobic synergy.

Critical News Links Below:

Only The Boeing 787 Provides Passengers And Crews With Clean Breathing Air

Evidence grows of cabin-air contamination on planes

When Boeing people where thinking outside the box, in a wholesale manner with its own lab synergy. It evolved aviation beyond the next Ice Age. When others can't or won't follow Boeing's trail they may be doomed to extinction from inaction. The technical band-aid on cabin air for all bleed-air by-pass systems are attempts of mitigating that cabin air problem through different processes. This will include the models 737 MAX, 777X and the current 747-8i.  

Boeing engineering synergy has established new cabin benchmarks. I presume when the 787 completely settles in through its flying passengers every milli-second, it will consider switching to an all electric format for all its airplanes. However, Boeing straddles the aviation ditch, and will not commit towards going "All electric" with its total line until the potential "bad battery" issue is mitigated once and for all.

By starting with one idea in the process, it affects all processes by bumping those other functions to new levels. Where in turn those bumped processes elevate the passenger experience beyond original expectation. Synergy is a strange and unfamiliar word for most people, but it can save the species in an Ice Age.