Wednesday, August 20, 2014

737 Is "The Original Muscle Hamster"

Its not Tampa Bay's running back, Doug Martin, being NFL's version of the Muscle Hamster, its Boeing's venerable 737. From the onset, engineers strapped a Muscle Hamster on the 737's wing, powering the 737 into "Hall of Fame" status and beyond.

The link above will lead you to your daily morning coffee spew , as you laugh, chuckle, or just Hamster around at the breakfast nook reading the  "Air & Space" Feature. It reminds me of the little engine that could, story. However the CFM engine can do much more for Boeing and its Max engine. The primary engine for its latest airplane. The Hamster's mouth has unique airflow dynamics, an original unintended consequence when first built. The oval shape gained extra inches off the ground first, so the 737 could land land without scrapping engine bottom. With today's modern computer modeling, the CFM Hamster Oval mouth is much more, a highly efficient single aisle engine form. 

Learn to love the Hamster, it will make your team airline run faster.