Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Israel Eyes K-1 Airbase

Northern Iraq has an airbase just 100 air miles from Iran's border. The Kurds have this air base and have requisitioned the surrounding oil away from Baghdad Iraq. The air base is called K-1. Israeli based fighters cannot fly to Iran and back without tanker fueling which it does not have in abundance. The F-35 can punch a one-way ticket only for about 1,000 miles or it has a combat radius near 600 miles. Landing at K-1 with F-35's would make Israel the top dog in the Middle East and would cause Iran some severe heartburn. The US would, of course, assist via CIA with this venture.

Israel could use this Kirkuk asset when looking at Iran

Near Kirkuk K-1 base with a Soviet-era headstone
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Israel has a plan or workaround for dealing with Iran and the Kurds have a big role in this plan but the US will need an assist from the Kurds going forward for years to come. Therefore, watching the US partnership with the Kurds is the tip of the Iceberg. Back to the F-35i.

Israel needs about 25 F-35i for this venture in punishing Iran for its support of Hamas in Syria. At this time a notepad becomes handy for writing down the players.  Lockheed needs to sell Israel, not 50 F-35i but twice that number once production prices reach $85 million a copy. Israel could mitigate airfield requirements with the F-35B, which it does not have on order from Lockheed at this time. Trump may advance Israel billions with defense treaty negotiations. That is how Israel has nine F-35i at this time. The US bought them for Israel via defense treaty.

K-1 Airbase, a former Iraqi-Baghdad airbase, is in Israel's crosshairs as a place to land its F-35i's, but not getting ahead of myself deals have to brokered.  

The US pays the Kurds for weapons it also pays Israel for the F-35i. Once the  US is divested from Iran nuclear treaty(done), Trump can make more deals with Lockheed, Israel, and the Kurds. "Poof", no more covert Iranian nuclear program the F-35i is that good.