Friday, November 13, 2015

Taking A Winging It Break Until Later This Month

For those who follow Winging IT, word play is having its seasonal shutdown starting today. I will be back late November resuming my airplane routine, after which I am well fed-up. Keep watching for a new Blog addition after the US Thanksgiving week has ended. It's always a joy to spout off with conjecture over what can be gathered from the press and Boeing stuff. I have posted almost 747 blog pieces since late 2012. I hope everyone enjoys the sarcasm, insight and elements of fact making for an enjoyable read, which may inspire additional thought about the Boeing program. Don't ever confuse fact with humor, as the smiles are meant to defuse the serious nature of corporate ostentatious pronouncements.  Keep reading the prior postings during the next two weeks and form an appreciation for Winging It prognostications. It is my pleasure forecasting fantasy, past the obnoxious opinions found in aviation’s marketplace. See you all on the flip side of a break.