Friday, November 6, 2015

787 Family Snapshot

The 787 Dreamliner family is four years in operation. The time provides an opportunity for family a picture. However being only a wallet sized addition, it will suffice, as a momentary glimpse of things to come.


The snap shot of the Dreamliner shows about 30% of all Dreamliners booked are now delivered. A significant footprint on the wide body world. The 343 aircraft 787 types, in customer hands are dominating airline operations. The Boeing Dream has become an Airbus nightmare. It just dominates airspace at this time, and will continue to do so for the next ten years into the foreseeable future.

Almost 63% of all 787-8's are now delivered against total number ordered. A significant production number for airplane described as impossible to make by an Airbus company back in 2005, just a mere ten years ago. Since then, Airbus rushed to match the Boeing idea with half measures. It only could answer with a 5 inch width difference.

Additionally, 12% of the 787-9's booked have been delivered and are gaining altitude as it has leveraged the 787-8 concept into a perfect WB fit. It goes farther and has the additional seating space for airlines maximizing its business models. Japan Airline opts to go spacious with about 195 seats and its competitor ANA, provides 395 seats on its 787-9. 

The 787-10 yet to reach the production floor, promises reaching maximum metrics for the 787 design. Although giving up having ultimate range of the 787-9, it will meet 90% of all route range currently in use or considered for expansion. The ultimate goal of the 787-10 is filling the high density market segment with the efficiency of the 787. Fully loaded its an ocean hopping experience.