Thursday, November 5, 2015

Boeing's Late 2015 Order Flow

Korean Air has become the next order flowing in for Boeing in the Sixty day Market segment. December 31 is only 56 days away as the inflow of late 2015 orders show no abatement. The latest order has brought Korean Air out to play with 30 737 Max and an option for 20 more Max. Since the news so far is sparse on detail, Winging It, assumes they are the 737-800 variant. Also, it ordered two 777-300ERs for its fleet. The order tally's 4 billion at list prices.

Since October of 2015 there has been a steady flow of order announcing in both the confirmed deal making, and the works-in-progress paper shuffling category. Today Boeing has not yet posted its plethora of orders from EVA (787-10), a bulk China order of 240 aircraft on the table (tethered by a Chinese Assembly Plant Deal).