Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Select Setting For The Dubai Airshow at: Market Assurance

Mega deals are dependent on higher Oil prices from the desert region. Dubai, after its 2013 order splurge of Boeing aircraft will produce token bookings for Boeing in 2015. A show surprise would be any big order. Boeing has known this for some time. It would have to stay another two years hanging out at the Dubai oasis.

The Boeing 2015 sales effort depends on a worldwide success outside the desert region of the Middle East. Any big order push is for a end-of-year grand finale from other world players. China has baited Boeing with a 240 airplane order dangling like a worm when an agreement with Boeing for building a finale assembly plant in China is achieved. It would hope to gain some airplane technology through Boeing's airplane building knowledge gleaned from a Boeing Assembly Center venture which could slip "expertise" to its own COMAC effort. The big plan for them, is an eventual world domination scheme over the current duopoly of Boeing and Airbus.

This brings all of us to the point, what about Dubai? Boeing must know by now the score card with this year's airshow since is just around the corner. However, they are looking for market assurance if they can't record sales on any kind of bragging stage. Airbus is always a mystery until it blurts out something, somewhere, somehow. It is settled, it’s all about assurance going forward. Boeing will talk about 2017 at the Dubai 2015 show. There will be a time in 2017 for oil price adjustments and fleet expansions notions going forward going back from the year 2013 Dubai. 

The 777X will be advanced in development going so far along, the actual performance metrics become a reality from Paine Field's first flight. The folding wing will be the talk of the 2017 airshow looking into the future. One more time, “let's watch the wing tip fold upwards at the show”. Expect some follow-on orders in 2017 for the 777X. The 2015 Dubai Airshow will assure it this year.