Thursday, April 26, 2018

Boeing's Order Newsreel for April 2018

Boeing has changed its reporting so Winging It has changed its reporting. Boeing used to update its book almost weekly but has deferred its reporting with a once a month each month and reports it the following next month. Otherwise, the April numbers aren't in the bag for Boeing until mid-May.  

Below is the news recap of Boeing Orders reported by press accounts month-to-date. There are 261 total orders for April's month as reported by news outlets. There are about 50 787's ordered and 211 737 Max types announced during this month. These are pre airshow numbers for just one month!! It's shaping up as a big Boeing order year, as the Farnborough airshow will reveal a mountain of orders yet to come. A prediction is 600 units ordered with Boeing, by mid-year post-Farnborough.

Most of these press order announcements should be booked by Mid-May.