Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Boeing's Order Book Waiting Game

It used to be by the end of each week Boeing would post current order numbers on its website.  It spoiled all of us Boeing readers of its website. Airbus in return for its own convenient service, sandbagged order announcements while orchestrating its total for year-end and it seemed surprisingly always beating Boeing with a January order update from held orders. It was game on and now Boeing only announces its order book one month at a time two weeks after the former month ends. We are in April and March order numbers will come in ten days. In the meantime, there are orders that won't be reported until May already this month. Jet Airways of India just contracted with Boeing for 75 737 Max aircraft which won't show on its website until six weeks later in May for its April order number.

Expect the Hawaiian 787-9 March orders to show up in two weeks. There could be a bunch of 737 unidentified customer orders for its 737 upcoming March report. Who knows? Remember, game on!

It becomes difficult to measure the order game since Boeing is pulling an Airbus reporting once a month two weeks after the reporting month closes. It will be mid-January 2019 before the final 2018 numbers are tallied.

However what is known as reported by the press will become the new reporting methodology. You already know airshow reporting is confusing at best. Some report, commitments, and some report firm sales as commitments and the then some report gossip. It will be maddening to use an airshow for real data. 

Emirates still has ordered 40 787-10 not yet firmed or reported as an order by Boeing. This should happen by year's end or at Farnborough this July. American Airline is dithering its widebody order out on a string until further notice. Now we all have to wait and see instead of using good reporting techniques from gossip.