Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Boeing Studies Its Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics, subduction zone, and tsunamis are what's up with Boeing. It isn't geophysical nor episodic but it does involve the Boeing 797 NMA announcement. The handwriting is on the wall. Charleston is destined to become Boeing's main family counselor for the 787 and Boeing needs space for building almost 4,000 NMA's and 777X's. Don't forget another ten years of 777-300ER production as freight and passenger airlines replace its fleets with those types long after the 777-9X takes off from Everett next year.

Plate tectonic takes the Pacific plate and moves en mass towards the east bumping the opposing plate in its way. Sometimes it bends under the more stationary continental plate in an arcing motion downward call the subduction zone. Some may even call it the Pacific Rim where the Japanese imagined monsters come from for full-length feature films plots.

The big 100-foot high oceanic wave swallows the west coast in one surge as the 787-8 moves to Charleston, SC. from Everett which is so close to volcanos such as Mt Hood, St Helens, and Rainier located just down the interstate for any worry about sea level. The NMA will need RCP materials and autoclaves. It will also need production space which Charleston, SC can provide by moving the 787-8 eastward and out of Everett. When the 787-8 moves to Charleston, then the 797 will be announced. The notion has passed the first high-end staff meeting. The 797 customers are lined up as if in ammo boxes waiting to be loaded. The announcement is just an airshow away to be locked.

Yes, the NMA is coming and the 787-8 production is moving away from the 777X and 797 NMA build space. I'm not Boeing and I don't sit in on Boeing meetings, but I do know "X" can't happen until the 7 Late 7-late flies south.