Thursday, June 29, 2017

Paris Air Show 2017 -Boeing-Checking It Twice Report

Below is a "checking it twice list" from the Paris Airshow 2017 with paper transactions and associated list price totals for each transaction type.

By the numbers:

  • There were 147 direct agreements for the 737-Max 10
  • There were 214 737-Max 10's converted from prior purchases/agreements, typically from previous Max 8's transactions. 
  • There are 361 units of Max-10's identified at the show with paper agreements
  • 56 wide bodies were purchased or agreed upon.

How was it checked? A lot of searching was done from airshow press reports where Winging It listed each report. Then it double checked with multiple sources what happened at the Paris Airshow this year without an exclusive confirmation from Boeing. Winging  It will wait for Boeing's monthly updates on its Orders and Deliveries website found at Flight Global was the final choice for comparing numbers. Winging It numbers came very close to those number and it adjusted its total according to further verification from press reports to Flight Global reporting.

Below is the "Checking It Twice List" from a confusing show. So much happened and so little time during the show. This record is for future research and use for keeping track of the orders, commitments and the conversions mess encountered by Boeing during the show. There may be other sources conflicting with these totals through interpretation of what is meant by all the show notations. 

However, a new category occured called, "Identified". During some transaction coming from the past, even before the show occured, a deal was struck but the customer remained unidentified on the Boeing order book. Now a big show comes along and said unidentified customer wants exposure at the Paris Airshow 2017. They identified an already made purchases (firmed) by coming out and publicly expressing its purchase made before the show.  This action gives exposure among members of the Aviation Industry and public, thus the label "Identified"(at the show) where a classification emerges from a prior "undisclosed customer" list from Boeing's order books.

Figures are checked against Flight Global "Who Bought What" (Free subscription required) recapping PAS 2017

Fig 2. 737-10 roll call added booked units

Fig. 3 Total Units/value by model