Monday, June 12, 2017

EL AL signs for 16 787 Blunting A Late A350 Order Surge In May

Recently, Airbus booked 20 of its A350-9's from China Southern during May 2017. Now Boeing wraps up an El Al order yesterday for 16 of its 787-9's. Dueling order books before the Paris Airshow is very interesting as it suggests a very active order year in the wide body realm. Wide Bodies are not dead in 2017 as many have written-off.

Many more widebody orders will materialize out of the mist before year's end. Air shows may become more of an announcement speed bump as so many deals are in the works. I will suggest Boeing Market VP Randy Tinseth is so busy he has abandon writing on his "Randy's Journal Blog".  

His last commentary happened last April 7, 2017 (or it came from his staff). A typically timely blog seems to be too much when so much is happening in the airplane market place. 

Expect many steady orders until the end of the year like El Al's recently announced 16 wide body 787-9 and 8's just booked. This has been in the works since 2015. 

Many an observer is witnessing a real ordering dog fight between Airbus and Boeing, especially in the wide body arena. The Airshow venue maybe reserved for the single aisle battle between the NEO and the Max.