Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Best Boeing Deal on Day 2 at Paris Airshow

Okay, the biggest deals are not always the most important deal. Okay Airlines from China, bought 15 more Max counting eight of the Max-10's and seven of the Max-8's. A parting shot leaving the Boeing pavilion had a "by-the-way" cause for five 787-9's  committed for future fleet expansion, but that won't count until contracted in full.

The reason it is the best deal today, because this exemplifies the world trade reach at the 2017 show. China showed-up and ordered which makes one ponder if more are to come from China this week as announced deals.

Boeing has employed a new marketing strategy over previous campaigns using the all-hands-on-deck mantra. This strategy is self evident when the Boeing Blog Master, Randy Tenseth goes under ground from writing any Boeing quips for over two months on his Journal found on Boeing.com. It feels like the marketing team efforts has paid off at Paris as Boeing is rolling up a formidable 355 sales and commitments on day one. The second day is already showing a trickle coming forward in an unrelenting pace. It won't match Monday but it will keep this years sales discussion going throughout the show.

Okay, so its day two and fifteen more Max's are unloaded onto the Boeing orders books. An early indication the marketing team is everywhere this year when so many single aisle orders for the Max-10 especially from India. Least we not forget United Airlines who expressed a strong interest in Boeing's latest 737 version could close the show with an announcement ordering 50 or so 737 Max 10's. Just saying, Okay?

Chinese Airline Okay Airways Orders 15 737 MAX Airplanes

So the Boeing Best Deal day 2 is from Okay Airlines from China. Okay!