Friday, September 16, 2016

The A-380 is Dying because It Tried To Kill The 747

The A-380 doesn't have any new significant orders in several years. In fact Singapore Air just canceled the lease on its first in service A-380 from ten years ago. The market is about to have a dumping of older A-380's from Airlines that have changed its business model. Emirates the leading customer in the world for JUMBO's, has no market to slough off its older A-380's. In deed it appears the death of the Jumbo is the prognosis. With no additional airports to go has put a ceiling on the aircraft's orders. It also has successfully ended 747 passenger frames from the market place.

It is a quixotic gesture when tilting at wind(s) mill(ing) about. The A-380 is showing its death defying ground loops with no help on the way.