Sunday, September 18, 2016

How The 787 Moves In Asia?

This is an update for the delivered region of East Asia's domain where it includes air space from China to New Zealand, not including any other South Pacific Islands. The Below Chart indicates the 787 Asian Footprint with potential seats on order and in service considering 100% occupancy. Today Boeing move about 37,000 passengers each day out of it current sales potential of about 82,000 seats currently held for or delivered through production. Boeing has about 46,000 more seats to go with the 787 models in its family of aircraft as the passenger market expands its reach and imprint with the 787.

Fig 1.

These are unofficial numbers as fleets change weekly and is shown as a demonstration signaling the 787 impact on East Asia's growing market. The air space race is on in the East Asia region and is making a significant world market impact with its orders confirmed for Boeing 787 aircraft.

The obvious observation is that the region's population with its ideal business/vacation appeal is driving an immense market for air travel and has only just begun. The above information only addresses the current order book and delivered seats for each perspective area of aviation. The Boeing effort has made a substantial beach head in this market.