Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Is Boeing Leaning Out Operations For The MOM announcement??

Along time ago, there was the book referring to operation "Market Garden" during World War II. Boeing has learned a lesson from operation "Market Garden" turned into the classic book, "A Bridge Too Far", and then on to the silver screen using the same book title.

Operation Market Garden "In a Bridge Too Far" Nijmegen Bridge, Holland
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Image result for Nijmegen Bridge, Holland

A quick synopsis for the deeper meaning for Boeing, and a pending announcement by year's end concerning the "Middle of the Market" (MOM) aircraft. It’s plain to see the A-321 is stealing away from Boeing's 757 and 737-9 Max. Boeing must launch a counter offensive called operation "Market Garden", but first a historical perspective.

"Prior to Ryan's book, Market Garden had been a classic example of victors writing the history. Popular histories of World War II of the time usually tended to not mention the battle at all, mentioned it in passing or put Montgomery's spin on it as being a "partial success".[1]
A Bridge Too Far was responsible for bringing to the general public's attention the full extent of this massive operation, including a catalogue of errors and miscalculations, whilst highlighting the bravery of the participants." (Wikipedia)

Boeing is keenly aware of its resources and far reaching goals and is helpless to do something about it when it failed to address a 757 replacement five years ago. However, cooler minds had to prevail over the enormous sunk costs with three different programs. The 737 Max, 777X, and 787 Dreamliner while putting away the 757 Boeing replacement MOM into a box for further considerations of its family placement. It could only watch the erosion of its MOM market while surrendering to Airbus because of its over extended supply, personnel, and other over-arching resources (Financial) after developing the above named three programs.
The key components for a “New Market Garden for the MOM” has to go through an exhaustive check list before the European invasion of a 757 replacement patches together its family of aircraft:

  • Must have a design
  • Must have the Resources
  • Must have the analysis of the Market
  • Must have early commitments
  • Must have new productions plan in hand

On the other hand, Boeing has marched forward with many of the checklist items already completed.
  • It has a design
  • It has market analysis
  • It may have production space
  • It is currently sourcing (supply chain, personnel, and its production plan)
  • and... Is not a "Moon Shot"
The main thing Boeing is currently over extended until all programs are in hand.
  • The 737 Max
  • The 777 X
  • The 787 

Boeing is six months away from diverting engineering resources away from various programs as they progress forward. The 787 program has had an immense release of developing personnel with a mature supply chain and production capability. The 777X program has a new wing plant in Everett which can unleash current 777 300-ER production workers in phases while concurrently building the 777X's within the same house.

Finally, the 737 Max program is almost a slam dunk at this time as Renton, WA "got it handled". The Max is nearing the start of full production rate and having success without any engineering mishaps. Boeing is poised for a December 2016 announcement for the MOM (757 replacement) or AKA: "Operation Market Place" going past the bridge too far between the single aisle and the 787 aircraft types as it crosses over the Rhine River going over Airbus.